What Should a Detox do for your Body?
December 10, 2018
Happy American Heart Month
February 6, 2019

Being part of the fitness and health industry this is always a busy time of year for us. We as trainers and experts have the same issues you do, sticking to resolutions. For me, an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist of 10 years, I want to extend the time period that my clients stick to their goals each year. In a world of expectancy and ‘guaranteed quick results’ it gets harder and harder to convince clients that results take time. There is the saying of “It took so long to put the weight on, it will take just as long to get rid of it.” Not necessarily – but do give it some time. There are quick fixes but most of the time they are in expense of your health, wellbeing and sanity. There are however ways you can fulfill your resolutions by being patient and allowing yourself room to slip up and jump back in. A lot of what I’m going to say next may sound cliche or really corny but it is so true, so stick with me. Here are the big 3 things you can do to stick to your goals.

1.) Find a trusted person/professional to help you! – This isn’t just a plug for personal training. It could be the free group fitness classes at your gym or worksite. It could also be your spouse or best friend. Find that person that is going to keep you accountable and let them challenge you, it is out of love. Sometimes you have to pay for that accountability and that is okay!

2.) Keep your goals visible! – You have probably heard the tactic of writing your goals down so you see them and how that increases success rates. So do that, write them on a sticky note and put it on your mirror, your computer and your fridge. Let’s take it one step further and tell a whole bunch of people. Then when you see Chris in the grocery store again in March, he will ask you how it’s going!

3.) Give yourself grace! – Things aren’t going to change over night, have patience. You can do it, eventually and keep that as the forefront of your goal when you write it out. Sometimes your body just needs rest and that is okay, listening to your body is part of the process. Our bodies are magnificent things and each cell is smarter and more complex than we can even imagine.

So in conclusion – Happy New Year and you got this! Even if now you feel like you have already failed, pick yourself back up and keep on going!

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