Get to know Movement 1st Wellness

Movement 1st Wellness is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for wellness and health in corporate environments.

At Movement 1st, we help businesses and corporations with on-site wellness by integrating four pillars––Wellness, Fitness, Community, and Nutrition––to create healthy, happy, and productive work environments. The most important part of Movement 1st is the relationship building and customization with each organization. With a personalized approach, we become part of the business family and create custom on-site wellness packages to fit the needs and growth of each community––whether through fully integrated programs or a la carte offerings.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness and health industries, Movement 1st founders Megan and Myriah live for changing people’s lives and getting them to be healthy, fit, and productive. By providing health and wellness programs where people spend most of their day – at the office – Movement 1st is making an impact in businesses across Colorado and Montana.

Inspired by the passing of Myriah’s father from cancer when she was younger, and Megan’s physically demanding experience as a dancer, both founders pursued health and fitness careers and realized the power of balance, wellness, and being happy with their bodies. With degrees in Human Performance and Public Health, alongside multiple certifications in exercise and fitness programs, they dedicated their careers to making a dent in the United States health epidemic. After becoming mothers, their passion grew even more with creating balanced lives of wellness, business, and happiness––and spreading this throughout the corporate world.

 “We look at the US in general, the healthcare crisis, and we realized we could make more of an impact and reach more people at the office. We found corporate wellness is the best and most effective way to do this.”

The Movement 1st team is composed of best-in-class fitness experts with 20+ years of experience including specialized trainers, gym owners, and certified health facilitators. The team also includes a registered dietician, ergonomics specialist, holistic health educators, and various yoga practitioners and group instructors.  Most importantly, the team members are inspirational, creative, and lighthearted, without any fitness intimidation factor.

The Movement 1st wellness program isn’t just about being active, although that is where it becomes most tangible. It is an all-encompassing health program offering a well-rounded corporate wellness plan incorporating health, wellness, education, team building, fitness classes and nutrition into a comprehensive design. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your workplace feel better and become more healthy, passionate, and productive.

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