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April 13, 2018
Multidimensional Wellness
August 25, 2018

Conducting an annual comprehensive Wellness Assessment is the foundation for any of our corporate clients. Through our wellness assessment we form a baseline of your companies overall health. From there we have a tool to compare year after year the data to show the benefits of offering a wellness program.

Our personal assessment is proprietary and focuses on six areas of corporate wellness. This allows our management team to evaluate the physical and cultural environment of each company’s workplace. This tool allows us to identify areas of improvement so we can do specific goal setting for each company as well as suggest incremental changes to the physical environment of the office.

Why use our assessment? There are many simple online tools to assess companies but ours is more influential because it is personal, comprehensive and provides you data in six areas:

  1. Health and Wellness Culture
  2. Workplace Stress Management
  3. Nutritional Environment
  4. Workplace Environment
  5. Fitness Environment
  6. Wellness Services

Secondly, our management team sits down with you to make specific goal setting to improve the companies overall health. Unlike the free online assessment versions we don’t just give you a score and expect you to figure it out on your own but guide you step by step in how to do so.

Developing a wellness program based off of data allows for a customized wellness program that companies can see a better return on investment and have a higher participation rate. Administering the assessment annually tells us what is going on and where we need to go for the following year to see results.

If you are interested in learning more about our wellness assessment or want to schedule your free assessment today, contact Myriah Shimatsu at myriah@movement1stwellness.com!

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