Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only service Corporations?

Corporations are our main focus but we would love to help you in your individual health and fitness goals. We have challenges we run as well as an excellent group of trainers! Reach out and let us help you!

Can I customize what I want for my company?

Customization is our specialty! We have premade packages to make it easy for you but we also would love to customize a package for you!

What if my company is outside of Denver or Montana?

We are always looking to expand outside of these areas.  If you are located outside of Montana or the Denver Metro area, please reach out.

How do I communicate these benefits to my employees/tenants?

We provide a newsletter and marketing material as part of our services.  Let us know what kind of benefits you are looking to provide and we would be more than happy to help!

What if I don’t have a gym in my building?

If you don’t have a gym no problem. Most of our fitness classes can be taught in common areas of the building or outside.

What is the ROI of implementing a wellness program?

The ROI of a wellness programs varies based off how much you invest as well as the size of company. However, research shows an average of $6 in health care savings for every dollar invested in health interventions.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies pretty vastly for what your companies needs are. Contact us to learn more!

Why would this be beneficial?

Corporate wellness programs are very beneficial to your business and your employees, and data shows it!  We would be more than happy to send you our findings and results found by thousands of corporations around the world.

How do I learn more? Schedule a free consultation?

Send us an email on our contact us page to schedule a free consultation.

Can I test out your services before fully committing?

Absolutely! We would love to host a fitness class or send you a newsletter for you to see more of our services.

What if my company has remote employees?

Most of our services can reach remote employees. We have partnered with companies that have both field and office employees.

What size of company do you normally work with?

We have serviced all sizes of company’s from start ups to fortune 100. A company who is looking to invest into it’s core values and people is the type of company we fit best with.

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