Corporate Wellness Assessment
June 9, 2018
What makes a wellness program effective
October 9, 2018

A wellness program in this workforce where there are more generations working than ever before needs to be multidimensional at the least. A wellness program that is multileveled allows participants to engage at a level they feel comfortable. The millennial that fully understands the benefit of health and demand a balance between work and life is going to be driven by a company who provides on-site workout classes or a facility to workout. One of Movement 1st core offerings is its variety of fitness classes.

The baby boomer’s may be more interested in the educational side and take advantage of biometric screenings and on-site health education programs like lunch & learn. Educational programs are huge when it comes to saving the company on its bottom dollar considering 86% of medical claims are due to chronic diseases that are preventable.

Fitness and health challenges usually yield a high participation rate across the board as they add a variety of participation and engage all employee populations. Allowing employees to opt in to different levels of wellness rather than an all or nothing approach improves strong engagement and improved health outcomes. Overall having a multifaceted wellness program will improve a companies recruitment in a very competitive market and help retain good employees of all generations.

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