Multidimensional Wellness
August 25, 2018
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December 10, 2018

Offering a company wellness program has many benefits from decreasing sick days to improving employees productivity and time management. Companies that offer an effective wellness program typically see an increase of health care cost of 1-2% per year compared to the average of 7%. However a wellness program can only be effective and impact the company if the participation is high. There are several components that make a wellness program effective: proper communication, tracking, multidimensional, and participation from the top down.

A wellness programs success lies in providing strategic communication. Employees need to be informed on ways to get involved, how it works and what’s in it for them. The communication needs to speak to the employees and be frequent. Movement 1st helps companies provide communication about the wellness program through weekly wellness tips, custom newsletters and monthly marketing flyers. Providing communication that is multichannel is essential.

Tracking a Wellness program is key to measure overall participation. Movement 1st performs annual wellness assessments to show participation and global improvement of the program each year. It is also a good idea to survey or create focus groups to gather insight from the employees in what they are looking for from a wellness program. Boosting engagement can only be achieved when employees have a say and understand the benefit for the employee and company. Movement 1st works closely with the HR team of companies to be informed with what the companies specific needs are and performs yearly goal setting to create a plan of action.

Providing an incentive program that is multi-tiered can be a powerful motivational tool to getting employees involved in a companies wellness program. Allowing employees to opt in to different levels of wellness rather than an all or nothing approach improves strong engagement and improved health outcomes. A good multidimensional program will provide wellness offers in fitness, nutrition, education and overall health. A multidimensional wellness program is the core of what makes Movement 1st different than most wellness programs.

Lastly, but most importantly is having support from the top down for a company wellness program to thrive. Integrating health into a companies overall vision and purpose is crucial when it comes to participation. When the entire company is invested into the program the company will see a higher return on investment as well as value of investment. Determining and providing the proper incentives and
health goals will be a factor in getting the entire company involved. Contact Movement 1st today at to see how we can help you set the standard of a successful wellness program.

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